Explore Marlborough at your own pace with...

Marlborough Scenic & Wilderness Tours

Boutique  Custom Tours

Chris' vision is to provide a personalised experience for small groups coming to the wonderful Outback and Sounds of Marlborough.

Your time in our beautiful region is precious so we customise your tour to make the most of your time here.

If food is your thing

ask to try gourmet local specialties like Marlborough oysters, seasonal whitebait, venison sausages, or just a good old Kiwi barbecue.

If views are what you're looking for

try an aerial tour showcasing the majestic sights of the Marlborough Sounds or backcountry wilderness.

If you're in for the hunt

enquire about touring privately owned High Country Stations to encounter wild deer and pigs.

Browse the suggestions below and enquire with Chris to make your trip to Marlborough one to remember.

Picnic in Paradise

Let us whisk you away to the secluded spots NOT on the tourist maps.

Looking towards French pass.

History of the famous dolphin, Pelorus Jack.

Looking towards Durville Island.

Queen Charlotte Sound Tour: (2 - 4 people)

French Pass Tour: (2 - 4 people)

Wilderness Experience

Take in the rolling hills and sprawling vineyards as we head off into the wilderness. Experience stunning views and encounters with various wild deer and pigs on privately owned High Country Stations.

Ready to head into the mountains in Waihopai.

Relaxing for lunch.

Boutique BBQ Tour: (2 - 4 people)

Includes BBQ and hot and cold beverages.

Tour Only: (2 - 4 people)

Includes hot and cold beverages and biscuits.


Hunting Tours with fully guided hunting opportunities:

Johnny and the lads on a day out hunting.

Two old mates enjoying a day out hunting.